Welcome to Mission of Peace

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

No family has gone untouched in this current financial crisis.

Once stable providers are losing their jobs and homes — the elderly are struggling to maintain homes they have lived in for years — and our young are in despair, aware that the dream of home ownership seems to mean just that – a dream they will never achieve.

We at Mission of Peace National Corporation, along with our Affiliate Agencies, are here assist you — no matter what your needs.

As a National HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development) Intermediary, Mission of Peace’s goal is to increase home ownership, support community development and to boost access to affordable housing.

To do this, we work nation-wide to providing programs and services designed to:

  • Expand home-ownership opportunities;
  • Increase minority and low income home-ownership;
  • Fight practices of predatory lending;
  • Teach teens, renters, potential and current homeowners about smart fiscal practices;
  • Help present homeowners save their home from foreclosure;
  • And increase safe housing opportunities for the young, elderly and disabled.

On top of these already successful programs, Mission of Peace has gone one step further by providing cutting edge health initiatives designed to promote healthy living. Our new LifeSkills Assistance Program helps with important issues like good nutrition on a budget, disease prevention and maintenance.

If you’re reading this web page today, you may be in what you feel is a “no win situation”. You may be behind on your house payments – or may not know how to manage your finances and have gotten into debt – or even scared to sign a lease agreement because you don’t understand the legal jargon.

You are not in this alone. Mission of Peace programs are proven, effective and have made a significant difference in the lives of thousands of our nation’s citizens since 2000. Prayerfully I ask – will you call today and let us share these burdens with you?

Faithfully and in partnership with you,

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President and CEO